Welcome to Perth’s newest Registered Training Organisation; Workforce Training Centre WA (WTCWA).

Workforce Training Centre WA provides training and assessment services for a range of business and operational skills courses (including high risk work licence courses) to members of the public who are, or who wish to be, employed within the resources, infrastructure, construction, and transport industries.

Workforce Training Centre WA has some of the best facilitators Australia has to offer; they are knowledgeable, qualified, have years of experience in their chosen industry, and are familiar with best practice methods to deliver high-quality training.


The training and assessment journey our candidates experience is valuable and rewarding, a journey that makes us confident our candidates will come back for more.

Other services Workforce Training Centre WA can provide include, but not limited to; verification of competency using a range of tools and equipment, respiratory mask fit testing, room hire and induction programs.

Workforce Training Centre WA can tailor training and assessment solutions to suit your business needs, please feel free to contact a friendly Workforce Training Centre WA representative to discuss your training and assessment needs.


Workforce Training Centre WA (WTCWA) is a registered training organisaton (RTO) and is approved to deliver training and assessment services for accredited and non-accredited courses. Workforce Training Centre WA has three qualifications (plus skill sets) and 15 operational courses (including high risk work licenses) on scope. Learning and assessment pathways include; Structured learning and assessment (face-to-face training), flexible delivery (self-paced learning and assessment) and recognition of prior learning (RPL). Learning and assessment has been contextualised for construction, mining and transport industries.

Our facilitators are the best from the crop, they are knowledgeable, qualified, have years of experience in their chosen industry and are familiar with best practice methods to deliver training. Workforce Training Centre WA stands by quality training; courses will not be delivered using the same traditional methods and facilitators are forced to think outside the box. Training relates to real life situations, uses full scale tools and equipment, incorporates practical activities, group discussions, role plays and minimal use of PowerPoint.

Workforce Training Centre WA appreciates that it is not always practical to lose one or more of your employees to attend training; we are willing to meet with you to discuss and design a training and assessment solution to meet your business needs (this can include nights and weekend training).

Workforce Training Centre WA services do not stop at providing just training and assessment; Workforce Training Centre WA can also provide for:

  • Verification of competency (VOC);

  • Respiratory mask fit test; and

  • Induction programs.

The training and assessment journey our students experience is valuable and rewarding; it’s such an enjoyable journey we are confident our students will come back for more!


Mission, Vision and Value Statement


Excellence in training



Deliver quality training and assessment services for the mining, construction and transport industries



  • Deliver high quality student services

  • Promote a positive profile within the industry

  • Achieve high standards of governance and compliance

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